Boston Robb

Passion is the Genesis of Genius

A Rogue Voice

Free Range / Cage Free / Parent

"I believe in humane food sustainability, every egg should have a two chicken nest."

"I believe in humane food sustainability, every egg should have a two chicken nest."

The one thing that separates man from all other species, is the "joke".  

Warning - the perspective you are about to hear is a radical one. Revolutionary at times. If you’re looking for a basic take on life, seek elsewhere.

Boston Robb experienced a good old Boston upbringing. His story was much like Good Will Hunting, but swap out being a mathematical savant with making people laugh. Boston had everything a kid could dream of... fist fights, under-age drinking, drugs, loose women, and jail (I'll tell you more about jail when I know you better). So it took a lot for Robb to leave at the age of 18. 

Hawaii was the first place Boston Robb got a real taste for radio... and the best cannabis on earth. B Robb interned on a Hip Hop morning show, studying the art of the joke. But just like when being tickled Robb goes into survival mode, he got island fever and returned to Boston. 

Like ladies love yogurt, B Robb had found his passion in radio. And began working at Boston's Rock Station, WAAF. He acquired the highly coveted job of Promotional Street Teamer. But Robb had an inferno burning in him to be On Air. 

Boston Robb left his job in Boston to make it big out West. Robb landed in San Diego with enough money to stave off homelessness for a couple months. Some thought Robb was unsure of the odds to make it on air, but he was just really bad at math... and wicked tenacious. Robb got his shot on San Diego's Rock Station. Boston Robb joined The Mikey Show in 2004 and with his insane stunts & fearless bits, quickly became a fan favorite. 

Boston Robb spent 10 years on air in San Diego at Rock 1053. And returned to Boston's Rock Station in 2014 as WAAF's On Air Producer for the morning show, within a year of Robb's arrival the morning show went to Number 1 (Men 25-54). 


Boston Robb did stand up comedy in San Diego. Opening for Craig Gass, Jim Florentine, and a lot of open mic comics. *B Robb now claims to be a "Sit Down Comic". 

Boston Robb has been face to face with a ghost... he believes, maybe it was the ghost's backside, it's hard to tell because it's a ghost. B Robb is the Head of the East Coast Chapter for the American Ghost Hunter paranormal investigation team. The founder is Chad Calek, documentarian, producer/director & co-star of A&E's Paranormal State. If you believe you are experiencing a haunting, contact Robb. Robb is an ordained Reverend, has studied demonology & after upsetting the church of Satan, they’ve shunned him (though Robb still honors his offer to interview them).

Boston Robb is the host & creator of the show Haunted Salem. A paranormal exploration show on Youtube, where B Robb ventures to different locations all alone at night to attempt to communicate with the other side. Robb also hosts “The Boston Robb Show” on YouTube, which is similar to his BRS podcast but in film form.  Robb is wicked active on social media (links below) & Verified on Twitter (humble brag).

Boston Robb was growing food before it was trending... friggin' hipsters. B Robb makes maple syrup with Bob Rivers (an absolute legendary radio personality - for those who don’t know). And one day will have an apiary (a fancy word for keeping bees). Robb (with zero medical background, but well versed in essential oils) believes cannabis will cure cancer [there’s a reason the American government has a patent on cannabis * yes they do - google it].

Boston Robb has a Free Range, Cage Free, & [mostly] Organic Parenting style (except for his son, he has to wear a leash backpack). Boston Robb is happily married and actually enjoys time with his family. B Robb believes men who think of marriage as a ball & chain, some kind of prison sentence, obviously did not spend their "single" days wisely. Marriage is finding someone you love, that you can change diapers with for the rest of your lives (for your babies & then in due time, for yourselves).

Boston Robb fears not what his story can do for him, but what his story can do for you. Boston Robb has lived through the loss of suicide, drug addictions, homelessness, and does not flinch sharing his gritty story of Hope.