Boston Robb

Passion is the Genesis of Genius

Talking For A Living Since '04



The Mikey Show / The Show ........ 2004 - 2014

WAAF / Boston

The Hill Man Morning Show ........ 2014 - 2017


Boston Robb aka The Reverend is a black belt in the discipline of radio. Skilled in his craft, he spent years mastering the Art of Audio Feng Shui. His arsenal of audio weaponry - Pro-Tools, Adobe Audition, Vox Pro, Shortcut 360, Audacity, Nex-Gen, Wide Orbit, Audio Vault. Self Taught by studying under Dalai Lama Radio Masters... including Randy Lane & Dennis Clark. The Reverend can & will learn anything.

Boston Robb is also mastering the art of Film Making. B Robb is a member of his local Public Access TV Station. And is schooled in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, and iMovie. 

Boston Robb has been featured on Local News & TV Commercials (see King Stahlman Bail Bonds commercial below). Robb also films & edits all of his own shows.