Boston Robb

Passion is the Genesis of Genius

I’d like to say a word.. “Plethora”… thank you, that means a lot.

I was severely disappointed to learn that my favorite Iced Tea has been misleading me all these years.

Anyone who knows Arizona Iced Tea (the greatest 99 cent tea found in any bodega), May have felt like I did & felt they tasted the Refreshing Arizona sunshine in every sip. Well, if like me you did, you’re wrong. This southwestern sounding tea is from the streets of Brooklyn. I was surprised to learn that and even more surprised that I never even thought to look it up before now. I mean I’ve been drinking this tea since junior high. I should have figured it to be too good to be true… as I imagined; Arizona Iced Tea was made somewhere hidden deep in the Grand Canyon, hand picked tea leaves being brought in on donkey back, to a place where the sun scorches pure river water filled mason jars, steeping the Arizona Iced Tea. Wrong. It’s made in New York amongst voices that probably could have been on the SNL skit coffee talk.

Nevertheless, it’s still the imagery I enjoy when I pour my Arizona Iced tea on ice and take that first quenching sip.

Is there some brand that you use which creates similar imagery yet has nothing to do with the actual product?