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Pepsi - The Official Drink of The Kardashians

There is a lot of backlash on Pepsi's new advert featuring Kendall Jenner solving all of today's problems with a Pepsi. And yes, I may have participated in the Twitter pile-on. It's easy and gets followers. But, who can argue that Pepsi's campaign was not ultimately a success? Everyone is talking about it and all that talking is probably making them thirsty..... crack fizzle ahhhhh, Pepsi. I understand the idea was in real poor taste, unlike the refreshing taste of a cold carbonated Pepsi-cola. I didn't like the Ad, I liked making fun of those involved. But Pepsi isn't the one I blame. I blame Kendall Jenner. 

I've spent half my life on air on the radio. Advertising is big part of Morning Radio. And talent have the ability to decline an endorsement. I'm not sure how often or rare it happens but with my experience I wanted try and stay as authentic as I could be. I felt awkward going on air and saying I used something I didn't or believed in something that I had never heard of until I looked at the copy in front of me. I've seen a ton of personalities do it and never think twice. A while back, I made a choice in my career that I would no longer do appearances at strip clubs. And there is probably a gaggle of ultra tough guys swearing at their screen right now just reading that. But it wasn't for me anymore. It was money I absolutely needed. But I was paying a different price if I continued to make money that way. This is why I blame Kendall Jenner for the Pepsi Ad. She is growing up in the midst of an era of protesting. How could she be that clue-less? 

If you're unaware of the Kardashian Promotional Machine, let me explain one thing. The matriarch, Kris Jenner, tried to copyright the term Momager. Yes mom & manager. Dumber than saying "On Fleek", whatever that means. It's the epitome of capitalism, my kids are my product. I don't know if the copyright went through, God help us if so. But what that means is she could sue anyone who uses the term "momager" without permission. That sums up a lot. They are so meticulous and greedy about their PR that the mom wants to own a dumb made up word that means I use my kids to make money. So you better believe the momager gives an approval (and probably sets the going rate). We've seen older sister Kim in a Sketcher Shape-Ups ad, on trim diet pills, hocking a SEARS collection, skin products, and even silly bandz. So why do I hold Kendall accountable? Well lets be honest, I hold this family accountable. You think Kim ever seen a silly band? I think we would all hope that the younger siblings in this family were a bit more connected to real life (growing up in an even more connected age). But by Kendall hearing a pitch for this Pepsi ad, going to the shoot & acting out her [now infamous] part, and not at any moment during any of this stopping and saying "nah, this ain't for me"... I hold her the most responsible for allowing this mockery to happen. She could have shut it down from the get go. In Hollywood, the Kardashians have power. So imagine if one of the highly toted momager clients said it doesn't matter what you pay me, that idea is in-authentic and is cashing in on decades of suffering. But nah, it was good money. Good enough money for Pepsi to issue an apology to Kendall... like she was tricked into doing the commercial?! Like she was taken advantage of?! WTF people. Pepsi is a corporate giant, like all corporate giants they spit out ideas like a guy who dips, constantly. And they wanted the trendy young Kardashian to get behind their faux movement capitalizing on a movement. And as much as you may think you would take the money they offered her to do that spot, if you had the common sense you do but with Kardashian status, I'd bet you wouldn't. You may put more thought into these things.

So with all due respect.... 

My point being the Kardashian empire is a soulless one that will capitalize on its young for profit. And it's an empire lacking any common sense. Great business sense though - you know, being young and beautiful with rich parents in Hollywood. Maybe I'm expecting too much from the "Social Media Model"... Maybe I'm starry eyed in hoping for a leader in "The Instagirl Era" to understand the social injustices taking place... The best part.. do you think Kendall Jenner has ever had a Pepsi? Be honest.... huh? Come on!

- Robb