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Social Media Models are as legit as a Life Coach

I watched one of the most unique Catfish internet tales to date. Featuring high profile NBA star Chris "Birdman" Andersen & one of these "Social Media Models". It was this past Friday's 20/20 on ABC (yeah my taste in TV shows are that of a 50 year old retiree). But it was interesting to witness how emboldened the internet has made people, especially these so called "Social Media Models" - which I refuse to consider a thing.  

                       Can we talk briefly about Social Media Modeling? I hate that people think this is a thing. It reminds me of when "Life Coach" became a thing. We (the show I was on in San Diego) interviewed this girl who claimed her profession was "Life Coach". It irritated me worse then a back itch I couldn't reach to scratch. Because this broad was roughly 22 but a soft 22 - you know these chicks - white girls with rich parents who think their thousands of Instagram followers are because of their "Positivity", not their yoga pants & they explain their latest "problems" about how their miniature pet Unicorns breath is bad so they have to put it down and get a new one. What I am trying to say is it looked like she lived a pampered life, so WTF is she coaching people on? How to not get tan lines? Get real broad. My simple point is that Life Coaching is not a thing. And absolutely not a thing for anyone under the age of 40 (Or any man over 40 that goes to a trendy bar, you can't be a Life Coach either cause you need a reality check). If Life Coaching was a thing.. I imagine a Life Coach like Tyler Durden from Fight Club, just a bit less socially mutinous, yelling "The first rule of Life Coaching is: You do NOT talk about Life Coaching". Someone who inspires us to face every deep dark fear that exists in our made up little worlds and does it using either fear or respect (they will both work).. Someone who challenges our perceptions of reality. Not a girl fresh out of University with her Liberal Arts degree & zero life experience. Wasn't that the whole point to "Life Coach" is they were to be experienced at "Life" and to coach others through? So how any college kid or recent grad thought they'd be an entrepreneur doing that probably needed a "Life Coach", ironic huh? 

In fact now that I'm all riled up about this, the people who should be life coaches are homeless people.. well the coherent ones. They probably have the most life experience of things not to do. And it'd be a great way to get people working, contributing, helping! Helping people helps people... or was that saying "hurt people hurt people"? Not too sure, probably doesn't matter. Anyways look at me solving all of humanities problems sitting at a keyboard! Seriously, who would know what not to do best? Someone who did that exact thing you should not do! A lot of homeless people have a really compelling story. Anyone who's been in life's gutter knows a thing or two, obviously not the success part but at least the what not to do part.. These are the real Life Coaches.