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New-Age Emo Kids (take offense)

We are living in an amazing time. "Taking offense" is shattering all known records and reaching record breaking heights. And it seems like we're right on track to continue this self-righteous attitude far into the future. American culture supports it, rewards it, and gives it the full spotlight on stage. Somehow the 1st Amendment [freedom of speech] has been misconstrued and interpreted as a Freedom to want the world to fit what we deem secure. Unfortunately, for those who follow cultural stocks, you know that Common Sense is speeding towards all time lows. 

Let's look back in time, to a simpler time when Flannels were baggy and jeans were baggier. For those of you who missed the 90s, it was rad. And when the sun was setting on that radical decade we witness the birth of "Emo". Emo, short for "emotional", was adopted (you're not my real dad) by the soft-core punk music genre that wore it's heart on it's tight fitting sleeve. Emo lyrics generally were composed with an overly emotional display of sensitivity. The scene derived from this Art-form was a wicked sensitive one. Differing from Goth or Urban, their attire looked like they had a cult-like fetish for Mister Rogers, a very edgy Mr. Rogers. The look was dubbed "geek sheik".  The movement vital to American pretentiousness, helped give rise to the modern day "Hipster" [which will be addressed in a later Blog-isode]. But above all else, for the Emo congregation, the music & fashion were their church, sensitivity was their God. If you are too young for all this, the best I can do to explain "Emo" is tell you that the band 21 Pilots & their song "Stressed Out" is Emo, wicked friggin' Emo. Here are their lyrics... 

I wish I had a better voice that sang some better words,
I wish I found some chords in an order that is new,
I wish I didn't have to rhyme every time I sang,
I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink,
But now I'm insecure and I care what people think.
Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol' days,
When our momma sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out

HOLY EMOTIONAL. Point, set, match. The definition of Emo. Those lyrics are such p*ssy lyrics that Donald Trump is trying to grab them. Irritatingly emotional, never good enough, and consistently having the vibe of "just been punched in the shoulder". Damn maybe Emo is still alive. Someone needs to bring it out back, behind the old barn, and put EMO out of it's misery. But the origins of this precarious movement are the reason why we see so many provoked people.

Don't assume that this "offended" group is strictly Millennials looking for a safe space on their college campus. This New Age Emo title applies to a lot of grown ass adults. The hardos (Masshole slang for tough guy) upset someone took down a Santa decoration propagating their so called "war" on Christmas. The people who fight to wear a spaghetti strainer on their head in their license photo. The Americans still upset and holding a grudge because you have to "Press 1" for English. The people who think comedy can be offensive, it's COMEDY for laughters sake. It's either funny or a bad joke - its never serious. There are people who actually take it seriously. Think about that, people go see a comic and then get offended, why would you go? Why would you even leave your house if something as fun as comedy would upset you?! What BOOBS they are. Comedy & Art help societies progress. Back to my point.... All of the offended and more are the "New-Age Emo Kids" or NAEK for typings sake. 

I don't believe much caused the greatest generation to get sand in their panties. Hence the title "Greatest Generation". Look what they endured: The Great Depression & World War 2. Enough to give some Millennials an anxiety attack just reading about. From the Baby Boomers on, something happened. Life became less about basics & survival of the fittest. And became more and more about self interest. That's what "taking offense" is all about, Ego. It's a selfish sensitive Ego maniac that declares their offense and demands the world change. Sensitivity is a driving force in this. Everyone needs to quit being the human version of a "21 Pilots" song whining about everything. When you take offense to something, it reveals the magnitude of your self-importance & highlights your insecurities. It's unique, like each scream of unfairness from an offended person. But it's easy to do, so easy anyone can do it. To be offended, not by a true social or moral injustice, but by something like a "War on Christmas" or a Comic, should be called Artificial Offensiveness. What it appears to be is the offended is insecure that if a Christmas decoration is taken down then no one will know its Christ's season (nah, come on, most that propagate this "War on Christmas" ain't even Christians) or that it's weak and giving in to a minority/minority religion. There is really nothing to be upset over 1. Christmas DOMINATES the season, the advertising starts in August for Christmas's sake! And 2. NO ONE can actually take Christmas from you, if the Government began regulating what holidays citizens could and could not observe then we'll begin talking about getting upset. Next, when a comic offends someone who witnessed that comic's stand up, it really puts on display how egotistical that audience member was. That they believe a comedian should write their comedy with them in mind. Wow, I wish a comic would try that... although I'd imagine it will only be funny to the few who know that individual. The truth is the comedy is either not for you or not funny. But to take something like that personal and judge it seriously is being totally idiotic. The comic tells jokes which the word, I think, is derived from a Latin term meaning "not being serious". 

Now the Emo crowd usually screamed their emotional injustices through softly punkin' out music, but they mostly kept to themselves. Darwinism teaches evolution through natural selection. And when applied to the EMO variety, it means that only the most sensitive and highly emotional genetics would survive through reproduction. And with this mutating EMO lineage we come to get a more spirited sensitive emotional strain of people. One who would take offense to almost everything. I do believe another genus split from the same heritage to form the modern day "Hipster" but I will explain that classification another time.