Boston Robb

Passion is the Genesis of Genius

Jimmy Kimmel, the anti-"whatever Trump and his legion are"

Jimmy Kimmel is someone I admire, not only because he has a successful late night talk show but also because he is authentic. And in today's society Authenticity is endangered. Within the past year, I've watched more public figures with loose lips contradict themselves in the same sentence then I have ever before. It's seems our culture is breeding this "say whatever" attitude like a fungus. By the way, this attitude is not "not being politically correct", it's being an asshole. And for me, when I see people in power speak reckless and bad of others, I loose respect for them. Authenticity, no matter what your truth be, is what I commend.

 I loved Letterman & Conan but there is something special about Kimmel, something more charismatic. Charming to a degree that Jimmy is always laughing with you, never at you. He is trustable and real. So special that watching him shed tears in two monologues in the past few weeks (first for Don Rickles) made me proud to be a unofficial understudy of his. *I call myself that because I don't just watch his show, I study it, I mimic it, and I work to replicate what he has done. I've tried to listen to every podcast he's been interviewed on and learn what makes him tick. I respect this man and his authenticity so much.  

If you missed last nights monologue, I am going to share it here with you. It is so amazingly heartfelt, vulnerable, and authentic that it's shocking how he still manages to crack a few jokes all while delivering a real moral. Jimmy did not have to share this incredibly intimate story but he did. Jimmy Kimmel is rad. Everyone has their favorites, this monologue confirmed for me that Kimmel is what America needs right now, an authentic man who doesn't talk (or tweet) demeaning things at everyone.