Boston Robb

Passion is the Genesis of Genius

The Greatest Show, You Never Saw...

TV is weird now. It's not the event it was in the 20th century. Now it's personal. There is a channel for everyone, every niche', every thing imaginable. It's not something for the family anymore. It's become even more of a divide. Families hardly gather around the boob tube to enjoy a show together, but of course we don't, it's not the 60s. Now each family member holds a phone that doubles as a TV while they can consume television where ever they are. While couples or singles may still use it's social union as a charade to hook up, the majority of time people engage with shows of their own choosing because we have the technological power to. The days of watching a show at the mercy of someone else are fleeting. It's weird. Look around next time you're out, it may surprise you how many people are staring at a phone. People watching can be wicked interesting. Observe the happenings around you. I was shocked the first time I paid close attention to how many people are staring at their phone. It's very Orwellian. This is where I hope to stand out from society, by reading. So my paradox is, as I continue on a vision quest to become an intellect by reading great books, my journey is hindered by the discovery of a brilliant TV show like "Baskets" on FX. 

If you've never heard of this show, like most, it is insanely funny. It will do no justice for me to explain through a keyboard so watch the trailer. Zach Galifianakis stars in the show. Louie C.K. is involved producing & writing. But I want to point out the absolute best part of this show is Louie Anderson. Louie plays Momma Baskets & is so good in the role of mother, I actually asked my wife if Louie Anderson is transgender. 

Enjoy, and make sure to set your DVR.