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The War On [The Wrong] Drugs

It's been confirmed from Chris Cornell's wife that drugs were involved in his suicide. Also, a leaked report stated that there were track marks on the singers arm. I hesitate to believe that until the toxicology report comes back. But Chris' wife did say that he sounded out of it along with her fears that he may have taken more Ativan than he was supposed to (it's prescribed). 

Chris along with my dad would be here right now if drugs were not involved. It's tragically sad. But what I want to point out, is this war on drugs. This war on drugs is the stupidest shit on earth. If you're sitting there thinking it's not, then let me ask you this... Does anyone really win a war? Or do a lot of people on both sides accumulate casualties and in the end the winner is really who lost less. Just the language "The WAR on Drugs" is stupid, it's rich white people speak. And like real war, they send people off to fight it for them not worrying how many people suffer. If people smartened up and had compassion around this issue, we have a "Reform on Drugs". Number 1 would be recognizing all the documentation (done by Gov'ts) that proves Marijuana is a medicine. Here's a list of all the government sanctioned reports/commissions that proved it with evidence but were rejected and hid - The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission (1893), The U.S. Army's Panama Canal Zone Commission (1925), The La Guardia Report (1944), The Shafer Commission (1972), The National Academy of Sciences confirmed the Shafer commission 10 years later and finally The White House had the Institute of Medicine revisit the question of marijuana's medical qualities in 1999 which it confirmed but again rejected the facts. And if you still believe the stigma on pot, please do some research into all these commissions I've given you. Even "the Gateway theory" was disproven and shown that alcohol and tobacco were more of a gateway drug that weed... but any one who's used all of those can tell you that first hand. It's the people who have never who believe that silly old 1950's white guy conspiracy theory. 

I bring this up at this time because I think a lot of people loved Chris Cornell and have some space of compassion for him, when with any other person who does drugs they normally wouldnt.. in fact they'd probably buy into the tough war of druggies. But when it's a great beautiful artist we tend to have a soft spot. So what I am saying is (and it may not even pertain to Chris Cornell, I just think now is a time to speak to that soft spot in people), America has bought hook line and sinker into this "war" on drugs but it's been 40 years and still no end or victory in sight. What may work is if we loose that stupid ass 1950s old white guy stigma on people who are addicted, maybe taking a stance of wanting to welcome them back to society with promises of it taking a village to help them get better. The people who shun this need to see that they aren't as self made as they think, everyone has had help at some point - And truly great successful people will tell you that point blank. We all use the roads in our towns, we all use the electricity and sewers, so how can you claim to be that self made when you're using government funded projects too? Why not stop funding this stupid hamster wheel war on drugs to try and have some reform on drugs? Maybe investing in programs that will help people get off drugs and get back into society, instead of filling up the for profit prisons which make the friends of the lawmakers a TON of money. 

The real war on drugs should be a war on big pharma. Infiltrating our society, our televisions, and our culture with pills. Pills for pain, pills for the constipation brought on by the pills for pain, it's almost comical how these pharmaceutical companies have their hooks dug into our America. The opioid epidemic would NOT be nearly what it is today if big pharma didn't hide the tragic addiction factor of Oxy's. But this is bigger than oxys, pop on the TV, every other commercial is about a new drug another wonder pill to help with the symptoms their last pill gave you. This is a huge problem. And our beautiful American experiment of Democracy should take more than just it's foundations of liberty from Europe, we should adopt European regulations on direct to consumer advertising. The EU does not allow big drug companies to pitch their hard sells in between shows to their citizens. Why does America? I can't get started on Lobbying, because it's what is rooting the roots of our democracy. 

 Wake up America, we are smarter than this.