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Louis CK forces himself back into Comedy

Louis CK may have a right to work like Mike Che said. But not in a shady “special guest spot” which was unannounced on the lineup.. which btw was the way comedy club owners brought Louie back into the spotlight. Announce him for all to see (and to choose), put him up on the marque! It says a lot that they did not announce Louie - ya know the guy who admitted to cornering women & pleasuring himself in front of them. It’s wicked telling, the way comedy club owners surprised everyone in the club with his appearance. Even the people who want to make money off of Louie CK aren’t willing to admit they want his money yet. And thats pretty insane, because money & greed can make people relinquish all their values. But I guess there is something disturbing to Louie CK’s situation, a confessed sexual harasser who gave himself a rich white guy “time out” and wanted to return to joking about his thinly veiled reality comedy.

Shady AF. 

Is it ironic that like the sexual harassment Louie CK admitted to, he has done the same kind of thing these audiences in giving them no choice and forcing them to watch him? Weird similarity.

And that’s ok club owners if you don’t want to promote him, the guy did some Heinous stuff to women while being one of the most powerful men in comedy. But at least give your paying patrons the right to choose whether their money goes to that asshat. Don’t slip him in under the radar. What you’re doing is forcing people to support Louie irregardless of their beliefs. And thats fuct.

For those comedy club owners who want to support him… or give him a chance to make you some money, I’m sure there are a ton of white suburban frat boys who can’t wait for Louie’s comeback. I don’t doubt for one second that Louie will have trouble finding an audience to play to… Want to know why? Because here in America, there are asshats claiming the title of Nazi (ya know, America’s enemy in WW2 - the foreign combatants who tried to take over the world while committing genocide). Yes it’s stunningly ironic that there are white guys here in America who think it’s American to be a Nazi. So with that kind of spectacularly thick in the skull logic, I believe Louie CK will have to do a bit of searching but without a doubt he will find his audience again.

Now, do I think he should or should not work again? Admittedly, I was a fan of his comedy (not as big of a fan as I am of Bill Burr) but enjoyed his bit ranting about parenting and his social observations but his sexual comedy always made me perturbed. Now I will not support him. But should he be able to work again? I don’t know, I am still kind of shocked that nothing happened to him outside of losing money & Hollywood connections. How has the law not caught up with a confessed sexual assaulter? That puzzles me but then again in America the rich play by their own rules.